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We understand Hospital and Healthcare Construction

Empire GC has been actively working with healthcare facilities since we began our business over 25 years ago.We understand what it takes to run a successful project in this demanding environment.

Empire’s hospital and healthcare construction projects encompass a wide range – from new hospitals to new wings, from additions to expansions, and from isolated renovations to phased expansion and upgrade programs. We have also completed numerous specialized cancer treatment facilities, urgent care Centers, operating rooms, and more.

Our experience also includes medical office facilities of all sizes for hospitals and physicians’ groups. These projects include office and clinical/procedure spaces, Physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiology, and imaging. Projects of this typeare defined by the need for speed and safety, as many of these projects involve work within actively operating Environments.

Healthcare Construction Projects Include:

  • Additions
  • Cancer treatment facilities
  • Office & clinical procedure spaces
  • Expansions
  • Urgent care centers
  • Physical therapy & occupational therapy
  • Isolated renovations
  • Operating rooms
  • Cardiology
  • Phased expansion & upgrade programs
  • Medical offices of all sizes
  • Imaging
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“Experience is key for imaging construction projects.”

Imaging Construction Specialist:

Empire’s proven success in managing and building these technologi-cally complex rooms is evident from our long client list and amount of successful completed projects. Empire is also an approved Turn-key contractor form all major manufacturers of diagnostic imaging equipment.

Our staff has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to all types of pro-jects in this niche construction area. Whether it be a single 1-for-1 replacement in which a quick turnaround to minimize downtime and create revenue or a full blown outpatient radiology facility, Empire has the understanding and familiarity to perform at the highest level. Empire’s added value to these projects will start from planning and continue right through training and patient use.

We are an approved Turn-key Contractor for all
Major Equipment Manufacturers

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